3 Basic SEO Tips For Boosting Traffic

SEO like an adstronaut

Search Engine Optimization is incredibly important, but advice can range from helpful, to misleading, to potentially damaging to your overall ranking. Here are three very basic tips to help keep you on track.

You Are Not A Robot

Don't "keyword stuff" your posts...

One of the biggest mistakes people make is in keyword stuffing their articles because they read somewhere that it will get them a better ranking on those keywords. In the short term, this may be true. But as Google gets more sophisticated with each update, their ability to determine genuine content from "SEO junk" will make keyword stuffing a thing of the past. So write like a human, human!

Make Sure You've Got Links

Thoughtful Links Provide Relevance

Whether we're talking about backlinks, internal links, or external links, connecting your content to other relevant content on the internet is rarely a bad idea. In the short term, backlink orders can provide booster shots to your overall traffic. In the longterm, providing both internal links and links to external sites that deal exclusively with your topics will mark you as a more credible source on those topics.

Once Again...You Are Not A Robot

Make sure your permalinks are human readable...

If the URL of your incredible post on SEO tips looks like this: https://yoursite.com/?p=25, it's not going to be ranked as high for "SEO tips" as this: https://yoursite.com/seo-tips. Make sure your link is provocative but not so provocative that it loses all connection to modern language.

There is, of course, much more to SEO than this - but the main thing is to stay authentic, marketers! There's no substitute for your real life point of view, so you should be capitalizing on it whenever possible (although we do recommend editors, as we tend to ramble ;).