The 21st century is moving fast, but we needn't run after it. Success is based upon our ability to calmly craft unique solutions to individual hurdles. Proper use of analytics allows us to accomplish this without breaking a sweat.


We stand at the epicenter of more data than we've ever had before. It's up to us to look through the eye of the storm, make sense of the information, and use it to our advantage.


While most institutions focus on technology, people are still our most important asset. While we're in the pilot's seat it's imperative we look up from our dashboards and change course when appropriate.

The Approach

MoonBuzz Media, LLC specializes in data-informed marketing and design for growing businesses online. To maximize ROI, together we analyze, implement, and constantly realign our actions as we iterate towards achievement of your goals.

Analytics - 25%

Gathering relevant data on user behavior is vital to the success of digital marketing.

Implement - 75%

Well-informed actions based upon diversified data allow for agile products that evolve quickly over time.

Question - 100%

Question everything. Regular assessment of trajectory is paramount to organizational return on investment.

Nicholas Griffith

CEO of MoonBuzz Media, LLC

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