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Internet Explorer Is The Hell-Hole Of Web Development

Why Internet Explorer Is A Burning Dumpster Fire

We’ll make no bones about it here – our sole goal with this article is to get you to stop using Internet Explorer, which will make our lives easier. Why? New web development projects are, by their very construction, not going to work as well on this ancient browser. As a result, when clients ask for “A New Modern Website” and then look at it on Internet Explorer, it will sometimes fall apart at the seams like spaghetti in the hands of a toddler. Our own vexations notwithstanding, there are some legitimately GREAT reasons YOU shouldn’t be using it – regardless of whether or not you’re in the business of web dev.

First Off, We Get It…

Internet Explorer for many has always been the web browser of choice, so why would you stop using it now? To compound matters, Microsoft still includes it in their Office packages (albeit in the background – almost as an afterthought). So why would Microsoft still allow it to be used if it wasn’t a viable browser option?

The simple answer to that question is Microsoft has been deliberately phasing out IE for years. It hasn’t been supported for quite a while, and has been officially replaced by Microsoft Edge.

It just goes to show you that when a browser is installed by default on every Windows computer for decades, it becomes so integrated into everyone’s daily routine that it becomes habitual. In a way, it turns people into browser addicts, unwilling to let go of old tech and reticent to embrace the new (think Chrome).

That being acknowledged, here are some reality bombs to keep in mind about the world’s beloved browser.

Reason #1: IE Hasn't Been Supported In Years...

Microsoft is saying: “You’ll Get No Support From Us If You Use It…”

Since January 12, 2016, Microsoft has dropped all support for IE versions 7 through 10. And leading up to this date, support patches and security updates were few and far between. After this date, as technology has marched on, IE has remained stagnant. A relic of the recent past, accumulating dust as people still try to pick it up and use it for things it can no longer fully assist with. It’s lost its mojo, and it will continue to do so for years to come.

Microsoft DOES still package IE 11 inside Microsoft Office bundles, but even their support pages suggest you just download their new browser Microsoft Edge.

Reason #2: Modern Website Projects Fall Apart On It...

Microsoft is saying: “Seriously…it’s not going to support anything that looks Circa 2020…”

As we mentioned above, Internet Explorer is the bane of a website developer’s existence. Why? When clients use it to pull up the brand new, clean and modern site you’ve toiled on for weeks, they see something that approaches a cubist nightmare. Or at best a throwback to something home brewed in the late 90s by somebody’s 15 year old nephew.

Bottom line, if you’re into “seeing websites the way they were designed to be seen”, IE is going to get you into trouble. It’s the equivalent of digital drunkenness – so don’t use it unless you want to see the world with blurred vision and judgment.

Reason #3: It's SUPER slow...

Give it a try…good luck opening up a website before dinner’s ready…

With a lack of updates and patches comes an inordinate amount of loading time as IE “figures out what this website is,” and how to display it to you. Most people give up on websites if they don’t load within 3 – 5 seconds. On average, even the most current versions of IE will take about 10+ seconds to load any modern site.

IE’s tagline should be “bring a book, this might take a while.”

Okay – we’ve established why you shouldn’t use IE. But if not IE, what browser should you be using? We recommend Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and IE’s replacement – Microsoft Edge. If you need to download any of these, we’ve provided links below.

Not sure what browser you’re using? If that’s the case, then you probably don’t speaky computer so good. But who are we to judge – we’re bad at everything except online marketing and web design :).

Go here to get sorted out: https://www.whatismybrowser.com/.